Who we are

Smartref builds and commercializes innovative integrated thermal destratification systems for the commercial and industrial food industries. SMARTREF™ patented and exclusive destratification fan technologies allow a better heat or air conditioning distribution and contribute greatly to lower humidity levels in buildings.

Our products are highly efficient and provide our customers with substantial savings on energy costs compared to conventional systems. SMARTREF™ products are also notable for their durability and affordability compared to other systems as well as their discreet design and their significant reduction of environmental impacts.

Vision and mission

To develop and deliver comprehensive commercial and industrial thermal destratification solutions that are reliable and energy efficient, using green and cutting edge technologies.

“Our company has invested more than $3 million in research and development projects since 2000.”

Since 1996, we have remained true to our vision, ensuring sustained growth in a top rate environment. This vision emphasizes innovation and the achievement of greener solutions to minimize the impact of human activities on the environment.

Therefore, Smartref pledges to develop, through solid strategic partnerships, technologically advanced destratification systems that are environmental models in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact. These systems will meet the highest expectations of our customers, improve food product preservation and integrity, while generating savings of well over 25% on annual operating costs of equipment compared to the leading conventional systems.



Attentiveness, service, and satisfaction. We offer a wide range of services to building managers and collaborate with all parties with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Sustainable Development

Developing products that lessen environmental repercussions is essential and demonstrates our social and environmental awareness.

Continuous Improvement

Prioritizing technological innovation, perfecting our mastery of destratification systems, and improving equipment performance are key elements of our sense of continuous improvement.

Creativity and Resourcefulness

Upper management encourages and rewards creativity by favoring teamwork. Research and development of new innovations allow us to improve our processes.