Destratification Fans and High Efficiency Vertical Heat Wall Fans

Smartref develops and markets integrated thermal destratification ventilation systems destined for the commercial and industrial food-processing industries as well as high efficiency vertical heat wall fans.

Smartref equipment attains the desired comfort level without increasing your heating bill.

  • Thermal Balance

    Temperature homogenization is essential to achieve any savings; this involves pushing down the hot air that amasses near the ceiling in order to heat work areas (Winter) and circulating humid air that amasses near the floor with drier air in order to improve the performance of mechanical systems (Summer).

  • Energy Efficient

    In Summer and Winter alike, operating systems benefit greatly from air circulation. All our equipment is designed to greatly reduce your energy bill.

What they’re saying about us

“I’m very satisfied; it’s warmer and more comfortable, to the point where I’m not using my additional heating unit for the first time in 10 years of operations.”

Michel Perrier
Owner, metro Perrier Martel

“We’re very happy with the results and especially the service, both during and after our purchase. Trusting you was the right decision!”

Julie Pelletier
Owner, IGA extra famille Pelletier CNO

“My customers and employees would complain about the cold in my 17,000 square foot supermarket. With the installation of 32 COMFORT PLUS fans and one vertical heat wall fan, I’ve not only provided them with the comfort they were seeking but also made a very economical investment. I’ll have recovered the cost of my investment in less than 2 years.”

Frank Marcanio
Owner, metro Marcanio

“I’m really happy with the equipment, everything is working very well.”

Todd Beck
IGA Lasalle Beck